Meet the tech leads company.

We are a team of experienced technical founders who know the drill of day-to-day team leadership.

With our software we help tech companies enhance internal knowledge about technologies, projects and people.

In 2019 we started Flairs.ai. A Team Insights Platform for Technical Leaders. We believe that in 2020, Technical Leaders deserve a tool, that can help them in day-to-day decisions.

Many decisions we make are based on technologies we and our teams' use. Like who to assign a specific task, what technologies we are going to use in the next project or who would be the best to review someone's code? We use our brain muscles to wisely suggest the best choices, but these are often biased by our personal beliefs.

Eventually, we want every member of the team to be able to unbiasedly answer to these questions..

Flairs.ai is the first platform that connects to your work tools, uses advanced classification algorithms and automatically categorizes your every-day technical knowledge to help you answer these, and many other questions. We created a tool that provides easy to digest insights that help in recognizing people's progress, aligning teams and recapping projects faster.

Meet the Makers

Founders Team

Flairs.ai was founded by a team of technical leaders who worked on ambitious projects for tech leaders like Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Spotify and many more.

Daniel Capeletti

Chief Product Officer

Zbigniew Czarnecki

Chief Executive Officer

Patryk Ziemkowski

Chief Technical Officer