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Modern Web Development Course

Flairs offers quality-first web course that systematize
developers' knowledge around modern web technologies.

What you'll learn?

How to create production-ready web app structure.

Learn how to setup a fully custom frontend project using create-react-app, yarn, and prettifier.

How to use React + Redux together.

Create your first React component and learn how to setup a proper project structure. Use best-in-class state management libraries like Redux with Redux Sagas.

How to easily add Routing and Multi-language support.

Prepare your application to handle different languages and setup an easy to manage React Router.

How to handle app theming and styling.

Learn how to use styled-components and organize your layout components for the most flexible app structure. Give your app a personal look.

How to use Netlify and configure application deployment.

Use modern services to easily show your application to the world. Setup Netlify Identity to handle your user authentication.

How to create authorization and authentication  module.

During the course you will create a fully functional authorization and authentication flow with simple backend-less user management that you can reuse in your next projects.


"If you want to learn to follow the best industry practices - this is a must have. Patryk and Zbigniew did a terrific job delivering a comprehensive training for developers who can quickly dive in into modern frontend! Magnificent work, can't wait for the updates!"

Martin Kmieciak - Lead Developer @ STX Next

About the authors

We are web developers with more than 10-years of professional experience.

During our careers, we had the pleasure to lead, code, and refactor many different web projects - from small landing pages, WebGL experiences, complex e-commerces to massive startups. We've worked with companies like Google, Expedia, Disney, Netflix, or Spotify.

The purpose of this web course is to help modern web developers learn essential tools and practices in modern web development in a time-efficient way. We focus only on practical (production-ready) solutions.

We hope you will enjoy this course!


Efficient knowledge for learning.

You’ve probably felt it already – there is too much to learn and too much to choose from nowadays as a developer; eventually you feel lost and don’t know how to progress. This is very frustrating, but don’t worry, the current market needs to feel the same.

Also… we’ve encountered that currently there is no way to learn the frontend development stack allowing to produce almost every type of web application. Web apps topic is becoming hotter as the IT market is booming. Integrations

Modern Web Development Course 1.0

One-time payment.
Full access to 2 course parts (21 chapters).
One year of updates.
Practice over theory

Real-life examples and practice over theory and passive content

Modern developers care about quality content showing real-life programmer challenges. They need to feel the progress and that they can benefit from the knowledge they spend time on. Current solutions like Udemy or Coursera are mostly focused on broad subjects. Often, these represent more theoretical concepts than practical solutions.

Please note: Technical choices we’ve made are our gut feelings around the future of professional web development. The stack we are presenting saved us tons of time and rescued us from many production pitfalls. Integrations